Morning Blend Appearance – 2/2/21

Erik had the privilege of guesting on TMJ-4’s ‘The Morning Blend’ once again this morning. Today, he discusses a unique West Allis property. We’re extremely thankful to Molly and the rest of the team for allowing Wisconsin Home Guys to come on and share the message of what we do. Be sure to watch all … Continued

Wisconsin Home Guys on The Morning Blend

Erik joined The Morning Blend on TMJ4 to discuss the work we do at Wisconsin Home Guys. If you missed the video you can check it out here. Feel free to share with your friends and family if you think we could be of assistance. This video was originally recorded by ‘The Morning Blend’ and … Continued

Office Update – April 13th

Erik found this tool from Politico ( to be extremely helpful in providing accurate information for the ongoing crisis concerning COVID-19. Just wanted to pass it along!

Erik’s Overreaction, and E + R = O

Tim Kight, the founder and CEO of Focus3, is one of our favorite human beings over here at myPro Realty. We work hard to implement Tim’s E + R = O philosophy with every interaction we have. Today, Erik explains how he responded to a recent situation with a ‘default’ setting, rather than with a … Continued

Erik Gives Blood and the Future of Driving

Last week Erik mentioned that one of his goals during this time of “safer at home” was to donate blood. Today Erik was true to his word and donated blood…. a lot of it! He also wanted to pass along this interesting video from Jeff Stout regarding the future of driving: What do you think … Continued

Anticipating Change

COVID-19 has affected multiple industries, and real estate is no exception. Today Erik models some of the new precautions agents are currently taking. This outbreak has also taught us that in life there are constant changes, and Erik asks us to look ahead to anticipate change.

We’ll Always Have Each Other

The lyrics to yesterday’s Facebook challenge were: “remind me that we’ll always have each other, when everything else is gone.” These lyrics come from the song “Dig” from the band Incubus. Today Erik reminds us with the help of that song, and some other helpful props, that what’s most important at the end of each … Continued

Erik’s Cowboy Hat

Today was the first day under Wisconsin’s “Safer-At-Home” order, which is in effect until April 24th, 2020. That date seems so far away right now. Erik’s message today is to “Saddle Up” for the difficult month ahead, and let’s ride together toward a better future. Transcription: Hey y’all, it’s Erik Ulvog with myPro Realty & … Continued

Choosing Your Perspective

If you come into the myPro Realty world headquarters (and you’re welcome anytime!) you will find two gigantic paintings. One is of Ernest Hemingway, and another is of President John F. Kennedy. These two men had two interesting perspectives. Today, Erik discusses the importance of perspective with a look at these two iconic figures.

Erik’s 5 Things

If you watched the Mike Staver webinar that we talked about last week Mike spoke about the importance of having a plan. Erik shares 5 things he plans on doing this week to remain productive! Also, does anyone else think these glasses make him look like Bono/Pitbull or is that just me?

Mike Staver’s Crisis Webinar

As an office we took time to watch a webinar from Mike Staver this week, one of the best leadership coaches in the country. Mike had a great message on staying calm and productive in times of crisis that we felt needed sharing. Link: Transcription: Hey everyone, it’s Erik Ulvog with Wisconsin Home Guys & … Continued