Mike Staver’s Crisis Webinar

As an office we took time to watch a webinar from Mike Staver this week, one of the best leadership coaches in the country. Mike had a great message on staying calm and productive in times of crisis that we felt needed sharing.

Link: mikestaver.com/crisis-webinar/


Hey everyone, it’s Erik Ulvog with Wisconsin Home Guys & myPro Realty. Hey, it’s gonna be a long weekend. There’s going to be a lot of speculation and a lot of discussion about speculative things. I know there’s a ton of apprehension out there, and I also know that people are on edge, including myself. And, what’s happening is most people are just looking for some information they can trust. So, for you Generation-Xer’s out there I actually put together a postcard – mikestaver.com/crisis-webinar. For those of you that understand how to use Facebook, that link is right above my head. So anyway, what this is it’s an hour and twelve minutes by one of the best coaches in the country just discussing and it’s, well, it’s been very helpful to me in getting me to get a game plan together and deal with the daily changes and the daily challenges that we’re all experiencing. So that’s your homework assignment. Go on his webinar, watch it, and be well. Hug your kids this weekend. Call up your parents and tell them that you love them. See you soon and God Bless!

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